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5 apps to squeeze the camera on your Android smartphone

One of the most important factors to that smartphone sales were increasing to the level of current consumption is undoubtedly Android, the mobile operating system from Google. And this is due to several points that the user of a mobile phone is capable to appreciate, the user interface, its speed, its level of customization and above all, hundreds of thousands of applications available for the platform.

This article looks at 5 of the best applications for Android available in the Google Play for juicing up your smartphone camera and get the best result that the device is able to offer.

Best camera apps Android

In last smartphone models launched on the market it has seen a tremendous evolution in cameras that have incorporated such devices, advances that have to do with the quality and characteristics of its resolution and the components that comprise it.

That is why many developers are focusing on creating applications that use 100% all these new advantages offered by modern cameras built into today’s smartphones.

And the good results achieved by these developers with its applications encouraged us to create this top, where we analyze the top 5 apps for Android camera.

Pro HDR Camera

As its name implies, this application’s main objective is enable us to take pictures and modify them to get a HDR effect. And best of all is that we automatically obtain an exquisite HD quality resolution only with a touch on the screen of our smartphone with Android.

While at the beginning of its development the application had some problems with LG and Sony phones, over time and versions, all problems have been solved, and Pro HD Camera can be used without complications in any kind of smartphone.

Best camera apps Android

Fortunately, the application is free, allowing us to download it and check if exits some problem with our phone. In the event that not, we have obtained a great ally for our imagination and photographs.

If you wish, you can also get more information and download the application from this link.

Camera Zoom FX

Undoubtedly the most widely used and downloaded camera application by users of mobile phones based on Android, with thousands and thousands of copies installed on many phones around the world.

This is obviously thanks to its long list of built-in features, which allows us to improve the performance and usability of our smartphone camera to levels we did not expect.

One of the most popular applications for specialized media in the field of smartphones and digital photography, you can get amazing images playing with the characteristics of optical or digital zoom, autofocus, night mode and white balance.

Best camera apps Android

Unfortunately, the application is not completely free because it has a cost of approximately u$s 4. In an area known for the ability to download free applications such as Android, pay for a seems an inconsistency, but the images we can get with Zoom Camera FX are well worth the expense.

If you wish, you can also get more information and download the application from this link.

Camera 360

This is one of the most popular and used free applications for Android platform based smartphones. The program includes an interesting list of functions and useful features such “Dreamlike” effect, the “Art of Black and White” effect and “Retro” effect, just to name a few.

Another of the most important features is the ability to use an option to achieve the effect called HDR, which, according users using Camera 360, is even better than that offered by the iPhone version.

Best camera apps Android

If you wish, you can also get more information and download the application from this link.

Magic Hour Camera

Another of the most innovative and powerful camera applications for our Android. While it is a paid application, the extensive list of features and options it provides make it one of the best, including the ability to download filters and effects that allow us to make a simple picture of your pet into a true work of art.

Among the effects that we can incorporate into our picture, we can highlight the possibility of adjusting parameters such as color curves, saturation, brightness, and contrast, and add 23 different kinds of textures and select from 12 different types of frames.

Best camera apps Android

Note that the screen resolutions supported by the program are 320×480, 480×800, 480×854 and 600×1024.

If you wish, you can also get more information and download the application from this link.


Vignette is a small and wonderful mobile app to the Android operating system which will allow us to add more than 80 effects and 60 kinds of frames to pictures that you take with the camera of your smartphone.

This very interesting application is compatible with almost all camera resolutions between 3.5 and 8 megapixels. With the large number of effects and frames available to modify and beautify our images, we can do virtually anything our imagination dictates, and the product will offer an excellent quality with a very professional level.

Best camera apps Android

While for the full benefits of the application must buy the full license, the truth is that the trial version offers a number of interesting tools that will satisfy anyone.

If you wish, you can also get more information and download the application from this link.

In case you know or use on your smartphone a camera application that has given you good results, feel free to comment below these lines.

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