Notebook battery life

In the case of you do not want to interrupt a task we are doing in the notebook for lack of energy, it is necessary to pay attention to how the laptop battery is used. It is important to check in the device which is the effective length of battery.

If you spend hours working on the notebook, it is necessary that the battery has a duration of two or three hours. To know a little more, the capacity of a battery depends on two factors: the number of cells and the material it is made.

Laptop battery life tips

The user can find on the market batteries from 4 to 12 cells. The more cells, the greater the weight, but at the same time, the greater its duration. If you want to know even more, we recommend you to continue reading the article.

About 95% of the batteries found in the notebook market are made of lithium ion, are more compact and less aggressive to the environment. Ideally the user to change the battery of the notebook every two years, as they have a limited shelf life.

Some tips for a longer life of the battery

It is important that every 2 or 3 weeks before charging, use the battery do until completely exhausted.

Whenever possible you should use the notebook connected to the power outlet. From the time when the battery is charged, the notebook senses this and go on to use only electricity.

While this contradicts the tips that can be read in many blogs and Internet sites, which says that when we use the power supply plugged into the laptop, it is better to remove the battery to extend its life.

Laptop battery life tips

If you want to know more about the characteristics of rechargeable batteries, we suggest reading this article.

As we know, the operating system of the notebooks have different profiles settings energy consumption. With the correct choice of one of these profiles, we will make the battery life of the notebook is noticeably longer.

In the case that the Wi-Fi sensors are not used, you have to turn it off. A wireless network adapter sensor power on, will make this consumes power constantly. In the same way for the Bluetooth or infrared ports.

Optimize the screen. The monitor of the notebooks is one of the devices higher incidence on the duration of the battery charge. That is why we must adjust the brightness with the lowest possible intensity. Another good resource is to use a dark desktop wallpaper, the darker it is, the less energy it will consume.

Laptop battery life tips

If the notebook is connected to any type of PCMCIA card and not in use, it should remove it as it consumes battery power.

Also, and logically, the greater number of programs are running at a time, more work has the processor and therefore more amount of energy consumed. It is advisable to optimize the applications that are loaded when you start Windows, and of course, try to run few programs simultaneously.

Another problem are the spywares, software that use too many resources. You need to keep the notebook clean from spy programs, because this type of malicious programs are constantly running, with the consequent battery drain.

Laptop battery life tips

Avoid using applications that use the CD or DVD. These devices have a high energy consumption and if we want the battery life is as long as possible, we must try to download as much as possible using the net connection, when it comes to getting drivers and software.

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Everything you need to know before buying a Tablet

While some time ago the Tablet PC concept was aimed at those consumers with greater purchasing power, because only the leading brands offer this product on the market, as the case of the Apple iPad, the fact is that in the last years the furor over this new technological article led to the emergence of economic tablets developed by recognized brands, and the emergence of hundreds of models of completely unknown brands, most of Chinese origin.

However, given the wide variety of brands, models and prices that can be found in the tablet market, it is often difficult to know which of all these products we can buy assures us that is truly suited to our needs and requirements. So here are some of the fundamental aspects to consider when buying a tablet, either brand or those known as generic.

Buy a tablet


An aspect that in principle we should evaluate is the autonomy offered by the device. Consider that a tablet is purely portable, so the battery life plays here a more important role. Therefore, it is best to choose a product that offers us at least six hours of battery life at least.

It is also important to include the charger, as some generic brands does not include this accessory with the tablet, what forces us to buy the charger separately, increasing the final value of the product.

However, at present the charger is not a must-have accessory, thanks to mini USB connectors included in most modern tablets, which allow charging the device from any USB port.

The operating System

Another major aspect focuses on the preinstalled operating system. On which it is advisable to opt for tablets including Android 4.4 minimum. At this point it is advisable to buy a tablet that has at least version 4.4 of Android, although in the case of a much earlier version, it is still possible to obtain a very important benefit of them. It is noteworthy that the most recent version of android is 6.0 Marshmallow.

Buy a tablet

It is also possible, by not having the latest Android operating system, that these devices are cheaper.

Also, for some time, we have available in the tablet market with Windows 10 preinstalled as operating system, at a very attractive price and good hardware, which assures us that we can use most of the applications we use on PC Microsoft Office as well as other tools such as connection to a local network and others.

But, why the operating system becomes so important? Well, primarily by applications available to them and compatibility with the other devices we have. Consider that the functionality of the new device will depend largely on the possibility of finding tools for each of the tasks we do with the tablet.

Buy a tablet

If we are users of the services of Google, and we have a Chromebook, Android phone and other devices to fully exploit tools Google, we should not hesitate a second: The best choice is an Android tablet, due to compatibility between different Android devices we have.

Now, if we are not completely tied to Google, a tablet with Windows 10 will be a good choice, as it will behave like a notebook.

Other considerations

Besides the type of operating system, autonomy and other technical aspects, we must consider other points, that although they are not essential to the proper functioning of the tablet, can orient itself a purchase to a particular type of device.

It is essential that the tablet give us the possibility to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, and it is worth thinking about purchasing a tablet that also support the 3G or 4G protocol.

Other considerations to consider are the size and weight of the device, as sometimes be enough motive for us to decide not to buy a particular model. It is therefore essential that we evaluate the use we will give to the tablet, so on that basis also choose a team of 7-inch or a 10 inch, as this varies considerably weight and size of the device.

Buy a tablet

The same goes for the autonomy of the device. While more autonomy possesses a battery, this will be larger, and therefore have greater weight.

In this sense, the ideal for those who plan to use the tablet as a calendar, to read books, check email, surf the Internet, use social networks and others, most recommended devices are the 7-inch tablets, while for those who used the computer to viewing videos and movies or to play it is advisable to try a 10-inch tablet.

Beyond the size we have chosen to the screen of the tablet, it is best to opt for a tablet whose screen is of the capacitive type, because it offers us a truly productive and pleasant tactile experience. Either way, find a tablet or phone with resistive screen today is almost impossible.

On the other hand, if we have a device that meets our requirements, we observe and analyze the kind of speed offered by the processor of the tablet, and at this point we should not acquire a tablet that run at a slower speed of 1.4 GHz. Also should include 1 Gb. of RAM minimum.

Another important aspect to consider is the storage capacity that holds the tablet that we will buy. It should be noted that most of this type of equipment includes an internal memory, which it should not be less than 8 Gb, and also offer the possibility to expand the storage capacity with micro SD cards, so you should endure at least 32 Gb card.

Buy a tablet

Note that if we are users usually store many files like documents, music and video, eventually the storage space provided with the tablet will be insufficient.

That is why if it is within our budget, we buy the tablet with greater storage capacity possible. Another alternative is to make sure that the tablet possesses the necessary memory cards support 64 Gb or more.

Dispensable requirements

As we all know, there are certain aspects that prove to be the least important in the assessment of the tablet that we will buy. In this sense, we can say that the camera is one of them, since it is actually possible that only we use for videoconferencing. In short, the quality of the cameras that incorporate tablets can never be compared to the quality offered for digital compact or video digital cameras.

Buy a tablet

Therefore, if we find a tablet that interests us and has a camera of poor 1.3 megapixel, this is not a subject that should persuade purchase.

Another aspect is the inclusion of a TV tuner, as well as the possibility of playing video in three dimensions, as to enjoy the 3D, we connect the tablet to a TV that has this technology.

Some accessories

When buying a tablet, we should not forget to add to its value the acquisition of a series of accessories which are indispensable to us. One of them, as we have already mentioned above, is buying a micro SD card of at least 8 Gb memory, which currently has a value of around u$s 8, depending on the quality, brand and speed.

Moreover, it is important to mention that most of the tablets, especially 7-inch, do not have USB ports standard, and instead include a mini USB port. In this case, we must also purchase a mini USB to USB adapter to connect, for example, a flash drive to the device. The present value of this accessory is around u$s 4.

Buy a tablet

For those who wish to use the tablet to make drawings, an essential element will be the purchase of a stylus, but not everyone, because if we buy a tablet with capacitive screen, we buy a suitable stylus for this technology, which today has a value of approximately u$s 10.

Of course, being a portable device, it is logical that once we get our hands on the new tablet, we begin to carry the gear to everywhere, so a bag becomes a critical part of your device accessories. We can find simple bags from u$s15, and bags which also includes the keyboard from u$s 40.

With the connecting cables is the same. To cut costs, manufacturers of economic tablets currently almost no added accessories, and adding generally are of poor quality, which does not mean that the tablet is poorly constructed.

Buy a tablet

This shortcoming in the accessories can be easily solved by replacing the accessories that came in the box of the tablet by others of better quality. Fortunately, on the market we have a wide variety of accessories for tablets and smartphones, including holsters, USB connection cables, headphones and chargers at prices that fit any budget.

You have a tablet? What model? What are for you the advantages and disadvantages of this device?

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Rechargeable batteries: Everything you need to know

With the massive presence in every corner of the world of computers, digital cameras and MP3 players, rechargeable batteries are increasingly used. The main reason is the fact that the disposable batteries are expensive for those who need a constant use of them.

This article will show the main characteristics of rechargeable batteries, including capacity, the most common types of rechargeable batteries and chargers to be used.

Rechargeable batteries

What are the rechargeable batteries?

One of the most common reasons why discard a battery is when charge runs out or is in an insufficient energy level, or weak. With a rechargeable battery, enough with using the adequate device, called charger, so that the battery is loaded again and it can be used again.

It is important to remember that a conventional battery cannot be recharged, although there are devices that claim to serve for it, the chemical composition of this type of battery it is not suitable to be recharged. If we try to recharge a conventional battery, chemicals inside the battery will be filtered. We must remember that these chemicals are potent, and may even poisoning. It is also possible that the batteries explode, causing irreparable damage to the devices and injuries to people.

The rechargeable batteries are able to receive recharge, but not indefinitely. The number of times that a rechargeable battery can be recharged depends on battery type and use made of the same.

Rechargeable batteries

Types of rechargeable batteries

The market offers basically two types of rechargeable batteries: NiCd and MiMH:

Batteries NiCd (Nickel Cadmium)

Also called NiCd, this is the type of rechargeable battery that first appeared on the market. Normally, NiCd batteries are cheaper. However, they have shorter lifespan, as well as less capacity.

NiCd batteries can suffer from a problem called “memory effect”. When that happens, the battery stops being fully charged by their chemical composition and sending a signal that charging is complete. To better understand, imagine that a battery has a memory effect reaches 10% capacity. This indicates that the load will be 90%, since the battery indicate that the remaining 10% are already loaded.

Rechargeable batteries

The memory effect occurs when load residues on the battery induce the formation of small blocks of cadmium. The best way to avoid this problem is not recharge the battery when it is still loaded. In this case, it is best to wait until the battery is completely depleted, and cannot be used in any device.

NiCd batteries are increasingly obsolete, because besides the memory effect of its smaller capacity and shorter service life, this type of battery is highly polluting, since cadmium is a highly toxic and harmful chemical element for environment.

NiMH Batteries (Nickel-Metal Hydride)

Also they called Nickel Metal Hidreto, the NiMH are the battery type most commonly used, since they offer greater capacity, longer life and endure more recharge if compared to NiCd (depending on the manufacturer, that cannot be true).

Moreover, they are less polluting, and does not use heavy materials such as cadmium. Another advantage of this type of battery is the absence of memory effect.

Rechargeable batteries

Over time, these batteries will be replaced by Li-ion, far more capable.

Batteries Li-ion (lithium ion)

The lithium ion batteries (Li-ion) are lighter, have a high energy holding capacity, and high resistance to shock. They do not have the problem of memory effect and support a large number of charging cycles.

Its main problems lie in its rapid degradation and sensitivity to high temperatures, which may result in its destruction by inflammation or even explosion. At the moment they are more expensive than Nickel.

The capacity of rechargeable batteries

Basically, the capacity battery power is measured in milliamps per hour, whose acronym is mAh. Thus, it is necessary to know the consumption of each equipment to measure the duration of use of the battery in the device.

As an example, imagine that you have an MP3 player that uses a AAA battery and consumes 200 mA. If the battery capacity of 1000 mAh, it will last:

1000/200 = 5 hours

It is clear that this calculation is not accurate, since other factors and specifications may to increase consumption.

Rechargeable batteries


As the name implies, the chargers are devices responsible for recharge batteries that can be recharged. The procedure is simple: just place one or two pairs of rechargeable batteries in the device and connect it to the mains.

This way of working makes we think that the battery power is made through the transfer of energy to the battery, just as we fill a bottle with water from a faucet. In fact, it is not as simple as that.

The battery recharging process involves passing an electric current through them so that the energy is “captured” and stored. The higher the current (faster chargers), the shorter the time required for recharging.

Rechargeable batteries

However, a too faster recharge makes the heat generation increases, and thus, the possibility of an explosion, fact that we can avoid by purchasing a charger that is capable by a light or sound, clearly indicate when the battery is fully charged.

The most common chargers are those who perform a slow charge, the advantages of this type are in the price and the drastic reduction in the risk of super-heating of the batteries. Besides that, the batteries end up having longer life.

In choosing a charger, choose the models that work with both NiCd and NiMH. Give preference to those who break the current (actually, maintain a low current to keep the energy in the battery) when charging is complete.

Beware of fake rechargeable batteries

With the increasing use of rechargeable batteries, the pirate industry is not limited to falsify conventional batteries. Depending on the location, is much easier to find fake batteries than real batteries. The reason for such distribution is simply: offer and demand.

Counterfeit batteries, be standard or rechargeable, can bring problems. These batteries should be avoided, inter alia, for the following reasons:

  • The actual capacity offered is smaller than the reported capacity in the packaging
  • Not using the specified technology, for example, instead NiCd, is used NiMH
  • May have lower quality and discharge more faster
  • You may offer a shorter lifespan than expected

Battery counterfeiters are very skilled in this “art”. Still, it is possible to know when a stack is false by observing a number of features. For example, it is common for pirates to announce a AA battery that offers a very high number of mAh when, indeed, the maximum achieved by this technology is very lower.

Rechargeable batteries

Therefore, it is advisable to buy batteries in stores or reputable websites. If you have questions, you can contact the manufacturer or authorized dealer to find out which establishments or virtual stores sell the product that interests you. It can be a little more expensive to acquire the original, but at least we are not buying a cat for a rabbit.


There is no doubt that rechargeable batteries are very useful, and with a few simple care, we can take advantage of its benefits even more.

That is why we must avoid exposure to heat and store them in a safe place. If a battery leaks or any sign of oxidation, it is best to discard (do this using an appropriate garbage container).

If we choose well and take care of our batteries, the audio player, the digital camera, and many other equipment, besides your pocket, will be grateful.

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