ITunes Download: Fast, powerful and free

iTunes is the default media player for all Apple devices, and not for nothing that the apple company keeps him well-oiled and adapted to the latest market trends. The Windows version of this sensational player offers the same features as your Apple brother, and that’s one of the best benefits we can get from this, because we have access of the same options, content and features to which are accustomed Apple users.

Based on technology developed for an application called SoundJam MP, iTunes is Apple effort to implement a solution that would integrate a powerful and versatile media player with a content store, from which the user can purchase, administer and manage all your music collection easily and comfortably.

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In iTunes we have at our disposal a wealth of tools that will be really useful when creating and managing your music collection, undoubtedly one of its best features.

Note that all functions are grouped conveniently in the program interface, designed to give the user a new and amazing experience of interaction with content through options like “Coverflow” or the powerful built-in search system.

Using these tools have the ability to:

  • Create playlists with the music we want to hear at a specific time,
  • Edit the tags of songs
  • Burn to CD or DVD all our favorite music
  • Import songs from a CD
  • Watch video clips
  • Listen podcast
  • Convert files to other formats playback

In addition, through iTunes, which is integrated to the player, buy all kinds of videos and music, cheaply and very easily.

With regard to the iTunes Store, any video or song you download through it, it will be automatically added to the library, without having to do any action on our part.

Also, through a feature called iTunes LP, we can enjoy extra content when you download an album from the store, as some of them bring integrated lyrics, notes, videos and images of its artists.

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Despite having tight integration with iTunes, iTunes Store itself is a great feature. In this online store we can find virtually any artist, album, song or video that we keep in mind enjoy, because in ITunes are expecting for us, literally millions of songs and videos.

Genius, the genius of iTunes

This feature is one of the most interesting we can find in this application, and is basically an option that allow find the songs in our library that are similar and group them automatically, which then allow us to play them at the time and the situation in those that best combine.

Genius is a tool whose function is to help the user to create different customized lists and play them in an intelligent way, and in turn collects information, that is sent anonymously to Apple, about our musical tastes to offer recommendations of artists and albums that maybe you might like to listen.

This tool, which has been considered extremely useful by most iPod users, also can be used not only for lists of music, but also videos, podcasts and movies.

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The iTunes Genius

As Genius works

To get a basic idea, Genius works as follows:

In principle, one of the functions of Genius is the activation of different playlists. While the user is listening to a song becomes visible Genius icon, which lets you create then a smart playlist.

It is called “smart” because Genius itself is responsible for creating the list, including the songs that are similar considering gender or other characteristics of the song or album that you are currently listening.

The second function of Genius is the “Sidebar”, which is responsible for recommending a number of songs available on iTunes, showing in the sidebar similar music to which the user is listening at that time.

The most interesting is that Genius Sidebar displays a list of songs that is available on iTunes Store, which can be purchased on the spot. With this, Apple attempts to use psychological mechanisms of compulsive buying, to ensure an increase in sales of its online store.

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However, keep in mind that iTunes Store is currently the most important virtual store to buy movies, music and television programs, and which has a catalog of more than 8.5 million songs, over 30,000 TV shows and over 2,500 films.

Remarkably, behind these functions visible to the user, the task of collecting data which are then sent to Apple’s servers is performed. The information collected will be used to maintain current users and their tastes, and thus achieve better work ever to offer the right products.

This has been one of the reasons for which is currently being criticized the company behind the iPod. However, Apple executives have said on several occasions that data collection is done anonymously, but to utilize the functionality of Genius, the user is forced to have an account in iTunes.

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Other features of iTunes

But not just music or video by famous artists can enjoy through iTunes Store. There are also possibilities for all users who want to try new things, it can subscribe for free to more than 150,000 audio and video podcasts provided by the store.

It is also important to note that we have at our disposal a number of tools that allow you to download games, applications and other content, so both pay and free.

Without doubt, iTunes is a great option for a Windows users, who also use Apple devices.

If you want, can download iTunes completely free clicking on this link.