Twitario: How easily find old tweets

If we are users that we tend to use our Twitter account permanently, surely we will have noticed the trouble that means having to revise the hundreds, or perhaps thousands of posts we’ve written, in order to find one in particular.

We also know that to find a particular message, we must review practically one at a time, turning this task almost impossible if we are users who use much the social network, i.e. if we take the task of sharing our thoughts too seriously.

How to find tweets easy

Fortunately, to solve this problem there is an application via a web service that we greatly facilitate this task, because since it can review all our tweets ordered chronologically in views that do not exceed 200 messages .

The name of the web application in question is Twitario, and you can access it from the following url:

How to find tweets easy

To start using Twitario, only we must enter the site and enter your user name. The most striking is that we must not enter our password or any other type of key, a point to consider if we are users who take safety seriously.

How to find tweets easy

Once we have accessed to the site, have at our disposal the last 200 tweets that we have written sorted in chronological order and arranged in the form of diary. Simply turn the page to see other 200 messages.

There is no doubt that it is an application which provides very useful options when want to know that we have written on a certain date, actually very easy to use and it does not cause problems with the security of our data.