What is a USB dongle?

Due to advances made by industry in the technology of miniaturization of hardware, today is possible to have small devices that allow us to transfer data between computers without the need for cables. Such is the case of so-called USB Dongle

It is likely that more than one occasion we have happened that have had the need to transfer a large amount of data between computers, and even require a method to share the Internet connection. Usually, for this we used different wiring techniques, such as well-known crossover cable, which can often give us a great job with regard to the configuration of the equipment.

USB dongle

Nowadays there are different alternatives for these tasks, one of the most effective and simple is to use a USB dongle, which mostly offer the possibility of carrying out rapid data transfer between two computers, as well as sharing the network connection without requiring drivers.

As we all know, USB is the acronym for Universal Serial Bus, is a small connector that through a cable can transmit data between devices, such as downloading images from a digital camera to a computer.

Thanks to their features, with its implementation on desktop computers and laptops, printers and other hardware, the USB port offers the possibility to achieve greater flexibility and functionality.

Today, we can find that there are a huge variety of devices whose size is smaller even than a pack of gum, and include a tab or connection point that is designed to be embedded in USB ports.

USB dongle

The development of these devices is growing, in order to meet the needs of users, and it is precisely these devices called “USB dongle”, which basically allow you to add features to computers that were not built taking into account of these parameters.

In this sense, a USB dongle memory, also known as memory pendrive, provides a suitable and effective way for transferring files between computers and devices means. Consider that the pendrive contains a rewritable memory chip, basically a type of solid state memory, which does not require to be connected to the electrical power to retain its contents.

USB dongle

Given that in recent years have greatly increased storage capacities of these devices, while its market value has shrunk, today these Plug-and-Play portable storage devices have managed to replace other media, such as floppy disks, optical disks, and so on, as it is ideal to exchange files and data medium.

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