What is PDF?

There is no doubt that the PDF format has been extended, to the point of being almost indispensable for all tasks involving the distribution of documents. However, it is not a fad, this is the result of the advantages provided distribute or send a document in PDF format file, including the possibility that anyone can read it without having to own the original software in which was prepared the document.

It also allows lend a hand to the planet because it reduces the amount of paper we use every day in the case of having to print all your documents.

What is PDF

Basically, the PDF format is a proprietary file extension of Adobe, a recognized software development company that has also designed Photoshop, Illustrator and many other programs.

File formats and proprietary formats

PDF stands for “Portable Document Format”.  As we know, a file extension is the final part of the file name, which appears after the dot. For example: file.pdf, manual.pdf.

Moreover, a proprietary format means that the format in which the file was saved cannot be used freely, this means that depends on the authorization of the owner.

There are several ways to open a PDF document. The most common in corporate environments is to purchase a license from Adobe Acrobat Pro, despite being expensive, it provides more flexibility, autonomy and quality reproduction.

What is PDF

For areas where this is impossible due to not having the right budget, we can always count on the possibility to open and read PDF documents through Acrobat Reader DC, which can download by clicking on this link. Although the company has all rights to the PDF format, this program is distributed for free.

Another option, less flexible, but that is perfectly suited to small productions, it is to generate or open PDF files online on the Adobe website.

Now, when we want to create a PDF document, the first thing we have to do is prepare the document in the usual way and then print or export to PDF, provided the software we use contemplate this option. In the event that not, we can always resort to a virtual PDF printer.

The advantages of PDF

A big advantage of the PDF format is the appearance obtained in all types of computers, this means that the document will appear identically, whatever the platform where you have downloaded the file to read or print. With this capability, the PDF format became virtually a global pattern of distribution of documents.

What is PDF

Another advantage of the PDF format, as mentioned earlier in this article, is that through its routine use is possible to decrease the amount of paper used in businesses and offices, a true commitment to the environment and the planet.