What is Blu Ray?

Blu Ray is the newest optical disc format today, developed to be the successor to the DVD. While other projects intended to replace it, as the HVD (holographic versatile disc), which is capable of storing up to nearly 4 Tb of information, the Blu Ray disk is perhaps the ultimate optical storage media on the market, mainly due to advances in memory flash storage technology .

However, they are still a good alternative for data cheaper storage because they are able to hold large amounts of information. Despite its low expansion, the Blu-ray disc has reached a good reputation and popularity, especially as it relates to backup software and movies.

What is BluRay

The Blu Ray disk is not nothing other than a disc of 4.7 inches of diameter, the same size as a DVD or CD, and was developed by a consortium called Blu-ray Disc Association in order to obtain a storage medium capable of containing the large amount of data required by films made in the spectacular HD, and other actors inherent cost reduction.

The standard storage capacity that may contain the BR is up to 25 Gb. on a simple layer disk. But on a doble layer, can reach 50 GB. In a triple layer can reach up 100 GB, or up 128 GB in a quadruple-layer configuration.

What is BluRay

Notably, the Blu-Ray is a support of a single layer which can contain 25 GB of information, which translated means about 6 hours of HD video plus the corresponding audio.

Technical characteristics of the Blu Ray

While DVD uses a 650 nanometer laser, Blu Ray uses one of 405, enabling more information to record on a disc the same size.

The name Blu Ray (blu = Blue; Ray = Ray) comes from laser technology: a blue laser to read and write data. The “e” in “blue” was removed from the product name because in some regions it is not possible to register a common word as a trade name.

As mentioned, this optical disc standard was developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), but worked with a group of companies in the electronic environment, computer and entertainment as Sony, Apple, Samsung and Walt Disney Pictures, among others.

What is BluRay

The Blu Ray beat out its main contenders such as DVD or HD DVD, which they have virtually disappeared from the market. This is because the Blu-Ray technology offers HD quality, ie 1920×1080, also called 1080p, an incredible leap in display quality compared to DVD.

One of the most impressive applications that you can get from Blu Ray is the ability to play 3D content, a feature sought at the time by the major software developers, studios and production of feature films.

What is BluRay

Besides the obvious advantages in terms of storage capacity and high-definition visualization, one of the salient features of the Blu Ray is the physical protection that this offers its content as it is provided with a substrate that It serves as a barrier against scratches and scratch, a technique that avoids damage and assures good reproducibility of the drive for many years.