What is Autocad?

AutoCAD is a CAD (Computer Aided Design) software type, and was created by an American company specializing in this area called Autodesk, in order to improve performance and working capacity of all those who need to make maps and other sketches in their profession.

The first version of this emblematic software was released in 1982 and has continued to reap success since. This is mainly due to the high quality programming code that company implements, a fact that has allowed it to position itself for years at the forefront of software for 3D modeling for architectural and engineering structures.

What is Autocad

This amazing software features advanced and convenient options, that is why today AutoCAD is a fundamental part of any study of architectural design and industrial engineering, and is usually used for the development and production of complex parts in technical drawing two-dimensional (2D) and for creation three-dimensional models (3D).

While AutoCAD software is more widespread in this category, in the market there are other competitors such as MicroStation, VectorWorks, IntelligentCad for three-dimensional modeling, and parametric and Catia, Pro Engineer, Solid Works and Solid Edges, but the truth is that the robustness and reliability of AutoCAD have raised the most podium preferences professionals.

What is Autocad

AutoCAD works by using vector type images, but is also able to import files from other types like bitmaps, which allows a better professional dynamism and flexibility to work with many data streams.

Similar to Photoshop and other graphic design tools mode, AutoCAD uses the layer system, which allows to your operator a unique freedom to work, and thanks to all the features offered by the software save time, the engineer or architect just have to focus on what is unfolding.

Since the early stages of your development, AutoCAD has been written keeping in mind, and as the main objective, assist in all kinds of tasks in which drawings are needed, and it is therefore offering a more extensive library of resources such as color palettes, line thickness and woven textures, among many others.

What is Autocad

Modern versions of AutoCAD incorporate the concept of model space and paper space, allowing separate phases of design and drawing in 2D and 3D, the necessary drawings for the creation of a specific scale phases. Also other new concepts incorporated are the solid modeling.

In the following paragraphs we will find some basics about other technologies of computer aided design.

CAE: Computer Engineer Aided

This type of software is used, among other things, in the construction of prototypes for virtual simulation by drawings, in order to calculate workload that suffer a certain piece when doing their work.

What is Autocad

Manufacturing Aided CAM Computer

It is a further step to CAD, in areas such as mechanics, and is characterized by the generation of specific code interpretable by computed numerical control machines (CNC) used in the manufacture of machinery parts.

GIS: Geographic Information System

System for processing and generating cartographic images, mapping and cartographic databases and developing databases.