What is a web browser?

Currently, the most widely used software on any device, be it a smartphone, a laptop or desktop, is undoubtedly the web browser, as this opens a window into a world of services and opportunities.

In a world where virtually everything is on or depend from the Internet, the browser is a tool more than important to take good advantage of what we can find in it.

What is a web browser

However, there are still people who do not yet know for sure what a web browser or how to take advantage of this software. In this article you will find many answers to satisfy their concerns.

The web browser or Internet browser is the tool that allows users to browse Internet between different pages of their favorite websites. This is software that has a graphical interface basically composed of: navigation buttons, a steering rod, a status bar (usually at the bottom of the window) and most, in the center, a window used to display web pages that are accessed.

What is a web browser

In the main part of the web browser, where we see the website, we find the scrollbars, located to the right and at the bottom. You can traverse the website when this is greater than the display area size. The title of the website, when you want to be shown by the developer of the page, is presented in the title bar at the top of the browser window.

When the mouse cursor passes over a hyperlink (link), this is usually transformed into an icon in the shape of a hand, indicating that you can click on it. Before clicking, the destination address of this action is shown in the status bar. It helps to have the habit to observe the status bar before clicking on hyperlinks, to see where it takes us.

What is a web browser

Navigation arrows to navigate in the history of the different pages visited. The Refresh button allows you to refresh the display of the current web page and the Stop button lets you stop loading the current page (to be used in case the page load delay too)

Finally, the button shaped like a house returns to the home page, i.e. the page loaded when the browser is opened. It is advisable to change the home page of your browser to take us to the site you visit more regularly.

The main web browsers on the market are: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera y Safari.

What is a web browser

How surfing the internet?

In broad strokes, there are three ways to navigate:

Way 1: Know the website address you want to visit: Just then type the address in the browser address bar and press ENTER or by clicking on the button GO of the browser.

Way 2: Find information without knowing the address of the site that can store it: To do this, you need to use a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, and then enter keywords in box intended for this purpose.

What is a web browser

Way 3: Surf the Internet without a specific goal: simply access a web page and follow the various links proposed.

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