What is a router?

The router is one of the pillars of global communication and most users use their services without even knowing of its existence. They are much more common than we imagine, being present at home, office, in companies of all sizes and internet servers worldwide.

In short, one could say that the router is a device dedicated to the task of managing data traffic flowing through a network of computers. In this article we learn a lot about these essential devices.

What is router

Basically, any common computer can be transformed into a router. Linux is used as the operating system of some brands of routers and there are tutorials on how to transform your simple router into a super machine, just installing and configuring it correctly.

At home, a router can be used to share Internet (cable or ADSL) with other computers, providing firewall protection, control the quality of service and various other tasks, mainly in the field of security.

What is router

A wireless router provides access to the local network and Internet wirelessly to any device, either notebook, tablets or smartphone which is within range of the signal.

Most of wireless routers for home or small business, come with 4 ports for wired local network (LAN) and an Ethernet port to connect the modem Internet (WLAN port). So, simply, internet can be shared with any wireless device within range of the signal and that is configured for that.

What is router

An outstanding feature of some routers is their safety, as it is possible give permission through the physical address of the network, the Media Access Control Address (MAC Address), configure ports access to BitTorrent, Ares, and much more.

If a parent believes that his children should not surf the Internet at dawn, the router has controls to prevent navigation in certain hours. Internet control and network is available to the administrator of the router. And everything is done through a web interface on the device itself.

What is router

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