The history of social networks

For many people, social networks are a modern service with little history on the web. This view is mainly due to the massification of social networks began a few years ago, but the truth is that networks like Facebook carry more than one decades offering its services.

After all these years, social interaction networks have become one of the most widespread Internet elements, and also one of the most used, because as offer users a common place to develop constant communications.

Social networks history

This is possible because users can not only use the service through your personal computer, but also in recent times you can participate in this type of community through a variety of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops, which is leading the new trend in communication.

But in reality, when the first social network was born?

It is estimated that the origin of interactive networks back to the year 1995. Consider that was at that time when Internet was becoming a tool for mass use.

Randy Conrads was the true pioneer of the service, by creating the website that bore the name “Classmates” and which consisted of a social network that offered the possibility that people around the world could recover or continue to maintain contact with his old friends, whether classmates, college, different work environments and others, in the midst of a totally globalized world. Obviously, this was made possible by the advent of Web 2.0, which ultimately is a system that has a clear social orientation.

Social networks history

Over the years, this type of service became one of the most profitable Internet business, so in the early part of the 2000s began to appear a variety of social networks dedicated to providing the possibility of a fluid communication between users who used it.

With the addition of this new concept, it was possible to define in a real context the different relationships that were established between the various participants who consume the services of virtual communities.

The biggest explosion of social networks soon appeared, since in 2003 saw the light some of the most popular sites that make to grow exponentially the service usage, communities such as MySpace, Friendster, Tribe and Xing, among others.

Social networks history

These sites were pioneers who achieved that social networks were expanded to become what they are today, attracting attention of billions of users around the globe.

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