That is the computer case?

The computer case, although not enough, is one of the most important elements of the PC, since its main task is to keep safe the various electronic circuits that make up the PC. We say that is important, because not any cabinet serves for any computer, as each motherboard and processor require a particular type of cabinet, primarily because of their size, i.e. that the choice of a cabinet is based on the size of the motherboard will use to assemble the PC. It is at this point that choosing a good cabinet becomes a task a bit more complicated.

This means that if, for example, we like a ITX case, it cannot be used in a motherboard Mini ATX due to three important factors size, the size and position of the screws to secure the motherboard, the proper heat dissipation and size of the power supply, which determines the power that will offer. These parameters must always be taken into account for any type of motherboard that we want to assemble in a computer box.

Types of computer cases

The cabinet of a PC is a box constructed of various materials, including plastic, steel and aluminum, and is basically a box prepared for we ride in it all the elements that make up a PC, i.e. hard drives, optical drives, motherboards, processors, memory, video cards, audio cards and others, and is distinguished by its size and the type of computer that is intended.

PC Cabinet Types

At present, in any store we find cabinets designed for such diverse uses as servers, which are built with the necessary dimensions to be placed in so-called Racks, generally used for large data processing.

Types of computer cases

We can also find cases designed for the purpose of use as HTPC (Home Theater PC), developed in such a way to be similar in appearance to the components of high-fidelity audio and audio.

Within the category of desktop computers, this is a market in which we can meet a wide variety of models with features to suit all kinds of needs. Among the most popular models, we can mention the so-called Barebone, which is nothing more than a PC case very small, vertical cases like minitower, midtower and tower, all essentially equal in placing the devices inside, but they differ in size.

Types of computer cases

Also, other highly prized PC Case on the market is the so-called Gamer, which, as its name implies, provides special features for gamers, such as better ventilation and the possibility of using more power supplies power.

When we opened a case, we find several anchors for the location of the components, in addition to the power supply, which must have the capacity to supply enough energy to power all devices. This power is measured in Watts, and as a general rule, the more Watts, the better.

Types of computer cases

As we mentioned, in the cabinet we will install the different cards that make up the PC, and each of these has its proper place therein. The HDDs and optical drives such as CDs and DVDs are located at the front, while the motherboard is fixed with screws to one side thereof in the event that of course is a vertical cabinet. It is also possible that the cabinet include slots available for placement of fans. Most offer this type of feature on the back, while others also allow the position of fans on the sides.


Cabinets can also suffer quite significant changes by its owners, in order to further adapt to its own requirements, or simply change its appearance with pure aesthetic reasons.

This cabinets modification technique are commonly called “modding”, and some of these changes can turn into true works of art. Moreover, within this area they are held important conferences and exhibitions, which can become exceptional in relation to the amount of audience.

Types of computer cases

Elements that can be mounted inside a PC Case

  • Power Supply
  • Motherboard
  • Processor
  • Video Card
  • Sound Card
  • Network Card
  • Optical Drives such as DVD drives and Blu-Ray
  • Card readers
  • RAM Memory
  • Hard disk (HD)

In case of want or need to change your computer’s cabinet, would you choose?