Software to create software

Undoubtedly, since long ago, the computing occupies a more than important place in all aspects of our lives, both in the office and at home. In the latter, it is absolutely impossible to think about developing a task without having a computer nearby in any of its forms.

At this point, the offering of software, the medium used in the computers to work on what we want, is overwhelming, and can find a software that suits to any of our needs virtually without any problems.

Software to create software

However, there are specific cases where finding a program to do exactly what we want is impossible, especially when we have unusual requirements or our work is little known or practiced.

At this point, develop our own software is one of the most suitable alternatives, both for professionals or responsible for a microenterprise or SMEs who need a tool that will contribute to your company’s technology and added value. This own software can be done by the so-called programming languages.

While these tools require a fairly high knowledge to obtain the best results, the truth is that they are not so difficult to operate as in the past, which gives us the opportunity, with a curve relatively smooth learning, create and operate our own software.

Software to create software

To create our own computer programs there are many alternatives, each with its own advantages, disadvantages and learning curve, it’s just a matter of knowing them and choose the one that we believe will be most suitable to our needs. This article looks at some of the more widespread and popular programming tools, i.e. software to develop software.

Microsoft Visual Studio.NET

Basically, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) developed to create applications for the Windows operating system. This environment is capable of supporting multiple programming languages ​​like Visual C ++, Visual C #, Visual J #, and Visual Basic .NET. Similarly, it offers support development environments such as ASP.NET.

With Visual Studio you can develop multiple projects, including desktop applications and Web applications and services, and also allows developers to create applications, websites and web applications for different versions of Windows, including all the platforms. It is also possible to develop games, 3D applications and business software.

If you want to know more information about Microsoft Visual Studio, you can do so by on this link.

Java SDK

Java is a programming language designed for the purpose of the product developed with this language can be interpreted and executed independently of the operating system that you always use and when used for this purpose a (JVM) Java virtual machine.

The main feature of Java is that it was designed to have the least amount of possible dependencies, which favors developers, since only have to write the program once, without having to recompile it to other platforms or operating systems.

Software to create software

This is because applications built with Java, running inside the aforementioned “Virtual Machines Java”, which allows the software created with the language run on any device, provided you have a Java interpreter installed or embedded.

If you wish, you can learn more about Java SDK clicking on this link.


Basically, NetBeans is a free integrated development environment (IDE) with which the developer can design their desktop applications using the Java language from a set of components called “Modules”.

Software to create software

In case you want more information about the interrelationship between Java and NetBeans, click on this link.


Delphi is a software development environment oriented programming with an emphasis generally marked on the visual programming. Using Object Pascal as a language, you can develop programs for Windows and Linux operating system.

Some of the most common uses where Delphi is used is the development database client-server data and multilayers, console applications, Web applications and services including CGI, ISAPI, NSAPI, COM services and DCOM and operating system services.

Software to create software

In case you want to learn more about Delphi, you can do so by clicking on this link.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a framework designed specifically to work with the Ruby programming language. Ruby is a programming language object-oriented that offers to developers a syntax similar to Perl, whose main feature is the ease and speed with which you can develop web applications.

The speed with which applications can be developed in Ruby on Rails is mainly due to the reuse of existing code. At this point it is essential to understand the philosophy behind Ruby: “Do not repeat yourself”. Which means we will not need to repeat what has already defined elsewhere, which makes applications built using Ruby on Rails very compact and lightweight.

Software to create software

If you wish, you can get more information about Ruby on Rails by clicking on this link.


Velneo is a development environment for business applications over databases such as CRM and ERP. It is a completely visual and very powerful environment programming. In addition, the learning curve is quite smooth, which allows even those who do not have deep knowledge in the field of programming can develop application quickly.

Software to create software

Basically, Velneo is made up of the development environment itself, called vDevelop, a set of business templates and an object store.

If you want to know more about this interesting development environment, you can do so by clicking on this link.


GeneXus is a tool for cross-platform development, which emphasizes the ability to design oriented Windows platform desktop applications, smartphones, tablets and web business.

The outstanding feature of this environment is that the developer only needs to write the high-level code, because GeneXus is responsible for generating the necessary code to run applications on multiple platforms and languages, including Windows, iSeries, Web, mobile code, Cobol, RPG, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, Ruby, C #, Java mobile, mobile operating system of Google Android, Blackberry, and Objective-C for Apple devices.

Software to create software

In addition, the language offers support for the most popular DBMSs such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Informix, PostgreSQL and MySQL.

You can also have more information about GeneXus clicking on this link.


WinDev is an integrated development environment for creating applications based on runtime. Just as ​​Java, Visual Basic or C # programming tools, the code obtained with Windev is precompiled and interpreted in a framework, making the product developed by the development environment completely independent of the platform or operating system used in execution.

The best feature of WinDev is that it is a tool developed primarily to obtain results quickly, and that has to do the programming language used, W-Language, a 4th language generation extremely flexible.

Software to create software

In addition, WinDev offers UIs editor for creating graphical user interfaces through the mechanism of “drag & drop” and many other interesting features.

If you wish, you can learn more about WinDev clicking on this link.