How to remove a Trojan virus?

Nowadays, viruses are a nightmare for any internet user. Including the so-called Trojan Horse are the most prevalent. Its name comes from the mythological Trojan horse which appeared to be a gift to Troy, but inside hid a Greek army ready for the attack and subsequent domination.

In computing, the Trojans refer to programs that appear to be useful software but actually threaten the security and can harm your computer. The Trojans spread when users open a program they believe coming from a legitimate source, but it is not.

How to remove trojan virus

Some signs that our computer is infected with a Trojan:

  • The computer restarts alone
  • The system works very slowly
  • The operating system fail to start
  • Files and documents disappear
  • Windows open with porn or advertising
  • How to remove a Trojan virus?


From this point, you will find some tips and procedures to eliminate viruses from the system.

Remove Trojan viruses

Step 1. Download and install an updated antivirus. There are many versions available of free antivirus. One of the most popular and recommended is AVG Anti-Virus, which does not occupy much space and is easy to use. Download it here.

Another of the most recommended is Avast Antivirus, which can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

How to remove trojan virus

Step 2. Disconnect from the Internet, either by turning off the router, disconnect the Ethernet cable or turning off Wi-Fi.

Step 3. Open your web browser and delete the cache and cookies.

To delete cookies in Microsoft Edge follow these steps: “Settings”>Clear browsing data”>Button “Choose what to clear”, and finally, click on “Clear” button.

How to remove trojan virus

Step 4. Restart the computer in “Safe mode”.

Step 5. It is important if you’re running Windows 7 or Windows XP, disable the “System Restore” option.

Note that sometimes the virus can remain active if we keep “On” the “System Restore” option, meaning that if have a problem, and we have to go back to the settings to restore order, the virus also will restored.

Step 6. Once you have completed all the steps, do a full scan of the computer. This may take some time (depends on how much information you have on your computer to the antivirus check). Be patient and give it time to the software to do its work.

Step 7. If we notice that antivirus has problems when removing a virus, we have to run MSCONFIG and find that program that loads the infected file in the operating system boot.

How to remove trojan virus

Step 8. After all viruses have been quarantined or removed, restart the PC, connect to the Internet and running Windows Update to download updates that are recommended for your team.

Some tips to keep viruses away from your computer:

  • Never open attachments that come with e-mail, unless you’re absolutely sure they are not infected. Even emails from known people may contain viruses, so stay alert.
  • Stay away from websites of questionable content.
  • Be careful when downloading apps or media files using P2P file-sharing programs (Peer to Peer). Always scan downloaded files with antivirus software before opening.
  • Maintains updated Microsoft Windows through Windows Update.
  • Keep your antivirus updated and perform periodic scans.
  • Install a firewall. The firewall is a security device operating between networks, allowing or denying the transmissions of one network to another.
  • Do not install any software unless you know who your manufacturer. When in doubt looking for the program name on Google.
  • In the event that you are using Internet Explorer, change to a safer, modern browser like Chrome, Firefox or Edge.