How to know the serial number of my PC

Perhaps the most important thing that we have on hand when our laptop or desktop computer have a problem, and we have to call to the technical support, is the serial number. This number is essential for whoever is on the other side of the phone taking the claim.

While obtaining this number in a notebook or netbook is easy, it becomes a problem in a desktop PC. In case that we use a laptop PC, the problem is simply solved spinning the machine, and look for the “S/N” field on the label affixed to the bottom of the case.

How to know desktop PC serial number

But it is not so easy if you have a desktop computer, especially the older ones, where this number is much harder to find by the weight and dimensions of such computers. Fortunately we have at our disposal several simpler methods to find the serial number of the PC, without having to crouch underneath the cabinet where the computer is supported.

To avoid having to resort to physical exercise, we can do the following:

Step 1. Run the command prompt pressing the keyboard shortcut “Win + R”, an action that displays the “Run” window, in which we write the following command:


Step 2: After that, in the command prompt window that appears, in which we write the following:

wmic bios get serialnumber

How to know desktop PC serial number

Step 3: To find the model of our computer, in the same window write the following:

wmic get csproduct name, IdentifyingNumber

An alternative that can also help us to find the model number of the system is to use the “System Information” tool, which can be found in “Control Panel> Administrative Tools”.

How to know desktop PC serial number

Note that this location could change according to the version of Windows you have installed on your computer.

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