How to compress files to send by e-mail

Most likely is that many times we have found ourselves with the need to send a “heavy” file or multiple files in a single attachment by email, and it is very common to receive a warning notice where we are notified that the system has not been able to complete the request, since that the attachment files exceeds the size limit.

An alternative to solve this problem is to compress the file or files in ZIP format. For that we need to have compression programs. The best known are Winzip and Winrar, both very popular and easy to use software.

Compress files send email

In the case that you have Windows 7 or Windows 10 will not need to have any of these programs installed, the operating system will provide all the necessary tools.

How to compress files in ZIP format

Step 1. The first thing we have to do is access the folder in which the file you want to compress is stored.

Step 2. Select the files you want to compress by clicking on them. In the case that the files are more than one, we press and hold down the Ctrl key and we click on one of them.

Step 3. Once selected the files that want compress, must click with the right mouse button on any selected item. In the shortcut menu select “Send” and the options click on “Compressed Folder”.

Compress files send email

Step 4: Once finished, we obtain a ZIP file with the same name as the original file (in the case of a single file) or the name of the original folder (if multiple files).

Step 5. Once the file is compressed must click with the right mouse button again and select the shortcut menu “Send to” and select “As e-mail”.

In this point, the software that we configured as a email client automatically show a window that will be used to send the e-mail with the attachment.

Compress files send email

Step 6. Now it only remains or enter the recipients and subject. If necessary you can write in the message body.

Step 7: Click “Send” to complete the task.

Notably that some of these steps can be different depending on the version of Windows installed on the computer.

Compress files send email

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