Software to create videos

In this article we present a catalog composed of the best programs to make videos (oriented mainly to the assembly and editing) found on the web. Here you will find the best software, both pay and free, to create videos amateurs and professionals, therefore we recommend patience and look at all. The list is long!

Software to create video


VirtualDub is a tool designed for video editing (editing, montage and applying filters). From a video in AVI or MPEG format, you can apply several filters: resizing, blur, redefining the image, adding an image, deleting a specific area of the video, adjust contrast and brightness, rotation, modification of the quality of sampling for the audio, and change the framerate, among others task.

Software to create video

The mounting portion is limited to its simplest expression, since you can only cut and insert sequences.

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Magix Video Deluxe

Magix Video Deluxe offers a solution to import, edit and burn your own videos. The software provides an interface similar to other programs to make videos like Magix Photos on CD & DVD or Magix Video Nomade (ex Movies 2Go), structured around three actions or central steps: import from the source (from a camera digital video or analog recording from a camcorder, or television) or import existing video files.

Software to create video

The editing stage offers the user different effects and transitions, titles and other generic to decorate your creations. The software can work in Storyboard (view different movies as vignettes) or the classic TimeLine mode. As for the recording of the final product, Video Deluxe recognizes multiple media (such as DVD, VCD, DVD …), the mini 4/3 and 16/9 formats, as well as recording with sound AC3.

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Created by the Cyberlink editor, author of the famous PowerDVD 10 Mark II, Power Director is, as indicated, a solution for video editing, on the same line of other programs to make videos like Pinnacle Studio. PowerDirector allows creation of Blu-ray Disc (BDMV and BDAV formats) and recognition of the AVCHD format, which complements the WMV-HD, MPEG2 HD formats.

It also has editing functions, such as availability of 6 tracks to embed images, the ability to create slide shows in 3D with automatic detection of the rhythm of the soundtrack, and advanced management of key images, with the possibility of applying effects easily here and there.

Software to create video

It should be noted that the addition of the DirectorZone, community that allows to the users to share and exchange content, or the ability to search images and sounds on sites like Flickr and Freesound.

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Windows Live Movie Maker

Having advanced with some setbacks in recent years, Windows Live Movie Maker comes to convince the public. With several new features that will appeal to all users (from beginners to experts). First, it is now possible to import images and videos from a digital camera and other camcorders. The program also recognizes the standard 4: 3 videos, as well as those in high definition, 16: 9.

As for the formats recognized by Windows Live Movie Maker, you can import files from hard disk files video, image and audio in WMV, AVI, DVR-MS, MPG, MOD, VOB, 32g, 3GP, ASF, FLV, M1V, m2t, M4V, MPEG, mpv2, MQV, mts, 3gp, asf, flv, asx, m2v, mpa, wmx, wvx, jpg, png, gif, bmp, dib, rle, jpeg, jfif, exif, wdp, tiff, ico, wma, mp3, wav, aif, m4a and ogg, among others.

Software to create video

It also offers a variety of animations, transitions and more consistent visual effects. Among the novelties, is also possible recording video directly from your webcam.

Regrettably, the created videos can be recorded only in WMV format, but in 480i, 720i, 720p and 1080p and recorded directly onto a DVD. And you can quickly publish them on YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, and SkyDrive, and without resorting to an extension.

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Known for its famous Studio, a reference in software to create and montage videos in the PC, Pinnacle offers a free program on the same line HD iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. Keep in mind that, like its competitors, VideoSpin is directed only to those users with very basic needs, they do not know thoroughly the world of video montage, and they need quick solutions.

Software to create video

However, despite the basics of your bet, this software of Pinnacle is very interesting because it provides the essential, namely a timeline (timeline), transitions, the ability to insert titles and subtitles, add comments or a sound to the image side, and even the condition of acquiring the paid version, the program can export videos to DivX, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 (for iPod or PSP). The interface is very nice, and the software can export videos to Yahoo! Video or YouTube.

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ABC VideoRoll

Among the different programs to make videos, ABC VideoRoll is one of the few free programs that allow video montage in the Windows platform.

Far from being something like Adobe Premiere, ABC VideoRoll is still able to string together several videos through the timeline, and adding an image and text on the video images.

Software to create video

The final recording is made in the .DV format with different qualities such as VHS PAL or NTSC DV, RealMedia and others.

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AviSplit Classic

AviSplit allow to segment and merge video files in AVI (DivX, by extension). You can make the cut either by selecting the number of fragments obtained after the cut, either by selecting an entry point and an exit point, using the cursor to finally get one piece.

The transformation is carried out without loss, and after a cutting operation/recomposition, getting exactly the initial file, according to statements of the developer.

Software to create video

The software is very intuitive and simple, the reduced number of options contributes to the simplicity of use. The editor notes that its software has the name “Classic” to reserve the possibility of a more powerful, but nevertheless a shareware version is not yet available.

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AVS Video Editor

Designed by the same editor from other programs to make videos (such as AVS Video Tools), AVS Video Editor offers, as its name suggests, a software video editing in the line of tools aimed at mass audience and beginners, as iMovie or Magix Video Deluxe. Like the latter, this software offers a “story board” view style, in which you only have to drag and drop the clips and apply effects and transitions, or timelime (timeline).

Software to create video

AVS Video Editor supports many video formats: AVI, MP4, WMV, 3GP, 3G2, QuickTime (MOV), SWF, MPEG 1,2 and 4. Importing from a DV camcorder or analog (VHS, TV. ..) it is also possible. In turn, the software lets you record movies in DVD or SVCD, and manages exports to several video players and portable devices: Archos, Creative Zen Vision, iPod, PSP and 3G phones, among others.

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Adobe Premiere Elements

The lighter version of Premiere Pro, Premiere Elements is presented such as a software to massive public. Like his famous companion Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements offers an interface stripped of menus, designed to provide access to all elements, and sync with Photoshop Elements. It provides a mixing table, numerous effects and numerous themes to perform a DVD.

Software to create video

New in Premiere Elements: With this software, Adobe claims to have improved the responsiveness and performances during editing (even in HD). The program also includes new effects, including a cartoon series (with different styles of drawing), and a cleaning tool for the sound of the videos.

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Despite the old style, VCDCutter is capable to extract parts or individual images of a video in MPG, DAT, AVI (DivX included), WAV, MOV, M1V or MPV format, or to split the video stream audio stream.

Software to create video

Asylees fragments can recombine to mount a new video, because this software works as a simple video player, the playback speed is adjustable from 0.1X to 10X.

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Muvee Reveal

If you are a user that you have no ability to assemble and video editing, but you intend to build your own video on your vacation with friends or family, Muvee Reveal is an interesting software. Their goal: to make a video clip entirely through a few clicks.

Muvee Reveal is directed only to those novice users. The interface lets you choose the photos or videos sources, as well as the music that will accompany the new video. You can use your hard disk files or import images from your camcorder, thanks to its integrated module.

Muvee Reveal offers you a gallery of different styles that apply filters to your images, or adjust the pace of the soundtrack of choice. The styles range from the so-called “Flower power” psychedelic style to “Sepia silent film”. If this spectrum of effects does not reach, there are others available online, ready to be downloaded. Click “Create muvee” and the software will do all the rest, saving the result or export it to a DVD.

Software to create video

Muvee Reveal can appear as a fairly basic option. However, it offers some interesting features, including the “magical moments” that lets you review each clip and put into evidence, or exclude a certain point in your video, a kind of wizard that allows you to specify which display mode and no, and when to do it.

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