MP3 Rocket: faster downloads, like a Rocket!

From the moment of the development and subsequent release, MP3 Rocket has proven to be one of the most powerful and robust P2P manager of its kind, first in the P2P nets and now in the field of audio and video downloads from music and video sites, allowing users get thousands of songs in MP3 format easily and conveniently, and at a speed that really impresses.

This article looks the most outstanding qualities of the program, and we will also give you a link so you can download without any kind of virus or threats of any kind.

MP3 Rocket

In accordance to the millions of people who use MP3 Rocket daily, this software is the fastest you can find in the market to download songs in MP3 format and stored content in various video portals.

MP3 Rocket was developed using virtually the same source code that LimeWire, a woefully missing software, but we can still enjoy thanks to the efforts of the developers of LimeWire Pirate Edition.

As we mentioned timely, MP3 Rocket share part of his source code with LimeWire, which ensures that the legendary performance of this also is present in MP3 Rocket.

MP3 Rocket

Undoubtedly one of the best features of this application is that it supports DAAP (Digital Audio Access Protocol), which allows, in the event that is configured for this, of course, share your media library on the local network with any other application that meets this standard. One such application is iTunes, the famous Apple player, and one of the best in the world.

Also thanks to the many options offered, we’ll be in a position to preview audio files and video we are downloading, which enables us to know if this download really is the content we want.

It also provides us with other amazing benefits, as the ability to send and share radio and TV stations, for that MP3 Rocket has a catalog of more than 200 stations, ready to listen and enjoy the moment loo want.

MP3 Rocket

But what really matters about MP3 Rocket is its role as download manager. Through the application you can download without limit and without charge, music, TV, games, and videos. Over 120 million files are waiting out there to download them, and best of all, it’s completely legal.

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