Convert a photo into drawing in seconds

With the increasing use of images to give dynamism to websites and profiles on social networks, coupled with the ease that today offer the digital cameras and mobile devices for obtain our own photographs, are also growing the users’ needs to achieve originality in its publications, for what often resort to image editors with effects to transform their personal photos.

Convert a photo into drawing

Nevertheless the truth is that many of these tools may result in some cases very complicated, especially for those users inexperienced in the field of design and editing. And that’s when we are in front of the screen of complex programs like Photoshop, and we decided not to continue the transformation of the image in question.

Now, what if we can have a quick and effective tool that allows us to convert a photo into a pencil drawing? Today this is possible, and it is not necessary to have advanced skills in editing, and best of all is that the application in question is free.

Convert a photo into drawing

We are talking about Instant Photo Sketch, a tool that stands out for being really simple and easy to use, and that in a few simple steps allows us to quickly create a drawing in pencil, on the basis of a photograph.

Under any concept through using Instant Photo Sketch we become artists, however we can presume with pencil drawing obtained based on any image, and it is best that this is a process that we require only a few seconds.

Convert a photo into drawing

To do this, first thing to do is download the program from this link. There you can find two options: A pay version, the Instant Photo Sketch Pro, and a free version, although they do not have all the features of the payment, the truth is that it provides a great range of options.

Once installed Instant Photo Sketch on our PC, we only charge the image you wish to convert to drawing, from the “File” menu. Only then we will click the “Process” button to get the result instantly. Also, if we want to improve the appearance of the drawing, the application offers an easy way to change the colors in the image through two sliders that allow us to adjust to our taste intensity white and black.

Convert a photo into drawing

When we already find with the results, we only save the photo converted into drawing, choosing from the JPG or PNG formats. From there, and we can share with our friends, or if you want to print the image on photo paper to place in a photoframe, something that can also turn into an excellent gift.

In conclusion, we must say that Instant Photo Sketch is a really simple to use application that can be used by any user, even the most novice, and whose free version includes the ability to adjust the black and white colors to achieve the best result.

Convert a photo into drawing

Of course also its great advantage is that it delivers images in JPG and PNG format, as used today. But above all, its most notable features are, on the one hand it consumes scarce resources as it is a small application, and on the other side is free.

Have you tried this application? What has been you?